Eko Acoustic Bass Guitar
Bass: front view
The bass

I bought my Eko acoustic bass when I worked in the Shaftesbury Avenue music store of Rose Morris in London's West End between May 1975 and June 1977.

Since then it has spent most of its time hung on the wall as I had always played a fretted electric bass in bands, and the fretless acoustic required a totally different technique, which I couldn't get the hang of!

In 2001 I decided to take it off the wall and use it so I played it at Irish music sessions in pubs. The bass has Rotosound Trubass nylon-wound strings, which give a soft, almost double-bass, sound. It's a bit too quiet to compete with fiddles and other louder instruments, and amplification is out of the question at these sessions, so I now use a Crafter fretted acoustic bass. Although slightly louder it does not have the mellow tone of the Eko.
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Bass: side view
Bass: back view
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